Spinal Decompression in Mt Prospect IL

chiropractic care for spinal decompression relief

Are you looking for spinal decompression in Mt Prospect IL? You don't have to live in debilitating pain. Whether you have lower back pain, a pinched nerve, sciatica, radiating pain into the arms or legs, neck pain, or a variety of symptoms related to damaged or degenerative discs, spinal stenosis, and post-operative complications, as well as syndromes of the lumbar and cervical spine. Spinal Decompression may be for you.

Understanding Spinal Decompression in Mt Prospect IL

This gentle, non-surgical procedure can provide lower back and neck pain relief, and sciatica pain relief, and is a state-of-the-art procedure for, bulging, herniated, or degenerative disc disease in the neck and lumbar regions.

The gentle distractive forces of the Spinal Decompression create a decompression of the spine with unloading due to distraction and proper positioning, to improve blood flow and nutrient exchange to the injured area. You'll experience several cycles of stretch and relaxation, which graduate to a peak over a period of several minutes.


In short, spinal decompression therapy works to reverse the pressure that has built up on the disc over time. Typically, a person will lie on a decompression table while a harness is carefully applied to the problematic area of the spine. With the advancement of computer technology, the table and its traction unit are able to monitor and sense mild changes throughout your spine. This valuable information allows the decompression table to work with your body instead of against it. As the table detects changes in pressure throughout your spine and as a direct relation to your discs, it is able to adjust the amount of traction, providing you with ideal and individualized treatment. This circuit between the patient and the decompression table is often referred to as a biofeedback loop and is extremely important in overcoming muscle spasms and guarding. 
While spinal decompression therapy has been shown to be extremely useful for the treatment of back pain, the following have also benefited from its application: 

  • Disc herniations
  • Disc Bulge
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Muscle Spasms/Guarding
  • Certain variations of spinal stenosis
  • Headaches
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Sciatica

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