Chiropractic Testimonials

“I had very bad back pain and was referred by Dana to come see the Doctors to get some help. I’m very impressed with the service I received, my back pain is better and I’m feeling very good.”

- Joe G.


“I initially found Innate Concepts because of its convenient location and our experience has been fantastic, I convinced my wife and kids to try out chiropractic and they love it! We have continued to come here for years and have referred several friends and family members.”

- Hoskinson Family

“I was having pains in my shoulder, I came into see Dr. John and his sessions have been very productive and have helped to ease my pain. Also the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.”

- Rick K.


“After twisting my ankle, I was having pain in my ankle and tailbone. After a few weeks of treatment with Dr. John my pain had gone away.”

- Sky R.



“I came to Innate Concepts for lower back problems. The staff is very friendly and the doctors are great. They have worked hard with me so my back is feeling better. They show how much they care for you; I have even received phone calls at home to see how I was doing. They really make me feel special.”

- Bette M.

“I started seeing Doctor John for my shoulder and lower back pain, the pain has decreased and the doctors have taught me methods to work through it when it flares up.”

- Deb R.


“My son in-law referred Innate Concepts to me and my experience has been very good. The service is always outstanding and I have referred many to Dr. John & Dr. Mary.”

- Teresa L.


“Dana recommended me to come to Innate Concepts and my experience has been great! I had the worst back spasm and I know I wouldn’t be feeling better without Dr. John’s help.”

- Amalia C.


Chiropractic Mount Prospect IL Linda

“I met Doctor John when he came to my school doing chair massages and introduced himself. He helped my back right away and I started sleeping better. Innate Concepts is always friendly and helpful.”

- Linda K.


Chiropractic Mount Prospect IL Rich“I started seeing Doctor John for my lumbar spinal stenosis, he is a miracle worker. He fixed several of my back problems which enabled me to drive and move comfortably. He is the man and I will sing his praises to anyone who will listen!”

- Rich L.


“I came into see Doctor John and Mary when I was having pain in my neck and back. After therapy I felt much better. I would give Innate Concepts a perfect 10!”

- Irene B.


“I was having lots of shoulder pain from a rotator cuff surgery a few months back, my daughter Dana recommended I come see Dr. John and Mary for treatment. After a few visits I started to get more movement and strength back into my shoulder.”

- Carlo C.


“I feel that Doctor John and Mary really take pride in their work and want to really help you. They found out the real problem, no other doctors could find. I was having constant back pain for years and it started flaring up again. They want to help me gain my movement back. Staff is always welcoming and make you feel like part of your family.”

- Leslie A.

“I came to Innate Concepts for back pain and my experience has been great. Everyone here is super friendly.”

- Brandon T.


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